LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

By on September 29, 2006

Impressive, this game is


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First Impressions
My reaction is

When TT-games released the original Star Wars early last year it surprised many people with its easy gameplay, originality, humor, and fun factor. The way they made a popular license into a great game came as a shock to many critics. It was inevitable that a sequel would be in the making and Traveller’s Tales has done just that. And boy, have they done it good.

Starting off, the game has one of the simplest controls ever (jump, shoot and special) and this makes it easy for any member in your family, be it a kid or a grown up, to just pick up the controller and get into the action. There is co-operative play and your partner can drop out anytime he/she likes. Even the flying missions have co-operative play.
The game is split over three episodes with six chapters each plus there are bonus missions and every mission starts off with the scrolling text like the movies which is a good touch. The game like the original has numerous characters to play with like Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Yoda and even Darth Vader to name a few. And for those who have the original game saved on their consoles get to play some of those characters as well. Darth Maul, anyone?

Though the game has simple controls, all the character play differently. You can choose to play a different character on screen by simply clicking a button. There maybe more than six characters available at once to choose from. And TT-games have made it so that you need to play through more than one character to pass through a level. For example, Jedi Knights are useful for taking out groups of Stormtroopers, imperial guards, etc while only droids like R2-D2 or C-3PO only have access to some areas.

The game includes what is called ‘adaptive AI’ which makes the game tougher depending on how you play. The feature can be turned off for those who feel that they can’t handle the opposition. This feature makes the game feel faster paced especially when you have 50+ guards shooting at you. An improvement to the game is the ability to use a vehicle freely than move it in a single direction like the original. The vehicles have new abilities like evasive manoeuvres, missile shots and many more. And you can play vehicles from the dark side too. Flying missions like the Millennium Falcon’s asteroid chase or the speeder bike mission on Endor especially with a partner just feel great to play through.
The graphics are not that superior when compared to other games but the effort that has been made can be easily seen. Then entire world feels LEGOfied. All the characters and environments feel like they have been made from LEGO cubes. There are certain slowdowns or hiccups but not too noticeable as you would be having too much fun. The cut scenes have been taken from the movie and given a humorous touch. Some scenes will have you laughing your head off.
The John Williams score must be the most played soundtrack of all time but still doesn’t get boring. The music changes the tempo to suit the action. The environment’s sounds are top-notch and the intentional absence of voice-overs is a good touch. The characters just mumble their dialogues and Darth Vader sounds like he’s breathing through a souped-up respirator. The light-sabers, laser blasters, etc. sound exactly like how they should.

The length of the game has increased from the original. Even after completing all the story missions, unlocking all the characters and even completing the bonus bounty hunter missions I had completed only 60% of the game. Apparently there are still many things to unlock including a hidden city. The levels are of decent length and their design is good too. A level may take you 20-60 minutes depending whether you want to find each and every secret there is. There isn’t any online playability multiplayer wise but the feature of just having a partner drop-in/drop-out makes up for it.
If you haven’t had a chance to play the original then you must play this game just to find out what you have been missing. If the humor, easy controls, 99 levels (yes, 99) doesn’t wet your appetite then the ability to play over 60 characters each with their unique style, will get you. This game is for everyone in the family and is a game that should not be missed.

The Scorecard
Easy controls, loads of characters to play with.
Good job on making the universe LEGOfied but slight hiccups here and there.
Who hasn’t heard the soundtrack? Also, Darth Vader just sounds hilarious.
99 levels, which game has that many?
Fun for the whole family.


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