PSP Remaster Series unveiled for PlayStation 3

By on May 22, 2011

Classic PSP hits getting the HD treatment.

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Sony’s said to bring a classic collection of portable titles to its HD console the PlayStations 3, as a part of a series of PSP Remaster releases.

This will according to the company allow players to enjoy PSP titles re-mastered for play on the PS3 with revamped HD visuals, Dual Shock 3 compatibility, PS3 exclusive content, 3D support, in addition to numerous other features.

Versions of both consoles can share the same save games. Sony says you can import the save data from the PSP version and load it on your PlayStation 3.

The PSP Remaster will kick off first in Japan, with HD releases being shipped on Blu-ray discs and series’ debut in the lineup being Capcom’s successful RPG Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which will ship under the name Monster Hunter Portable HD.


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