Asphalt 3D Review

By on May 18, 2011

A bad port of an already mediocre game.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

The 3DS’s launch lineup has not been that great. Only a couple of titles really drew people in while most of the games didn’t really make people feel the NEED to get a 3DS. One of the games launched for the system is Asphalt 3D, a port of Asphalt 6 an arcade like racing game on portable platforms. Asphalt 3D tries to provide a fun and engaging experience similar to the burnout series but completely fails to deliver due to serious frame rate issues combined with very dry gameplay.

If you have played anything from Burnout to Split/Second you will find yourself very familiar with Asphalt 3D. The game focuses on appealing to people that are looking for a fast past arcade-like game away from sim racing games. The main career mode is set in a series of cups you need to complete one by one. Each cup has 4 stages that you need to finish in any order in order to proceed to the next cup. These stages vary all the way from regular races to Duels ( similar to road rage in Burnout). As you rise up and complete stages you gain experience points. These experience points are then used to unlock further cars, rewards, tune up parts, and sponsors. The addition of this aspect brings in some degree of customizability to the game which, although is not that deep, is quite welcome.

The game also offers both a local multiplayer mode and a free mode which is more or less an expansion upon the stages you came across in the Career mode. The game however lacks an online multiplayer option which is extremely disappointing since the 3DS is fully capable of online gameplay support.

Gameplay in Asphalt 3D focuses on a weird drifting mechanic combined with your regular takedowns and boost bar build up. The game’s engine doesn’t seem to run things so well as even shifting from a drifting slide to the normal position JUMPS frames. This is in fact Asphalt 3D’s main problem. There are TERRIBLE frame rate drops and jumps that just takes out every ounce of fun that you can get from the game. It’s just really frustrating to see my iPod touch and Android phone be able to run this game smoothly while the shiny new 3DS fails in comparison. It just seems to me that the developers ported the game very quickly along with adding the 3D effect without addressing any possible problems that may arise.

If the game was graphically great then somehow it would have at least made sense for these problems to occur. The graphics of the game remind me of early PSP games which in comparison might have even been superior to what the game has came up with. To top that off the 3D effect does absolutely nothing other than pop up the menu screens and . This is indeed one of the worse implementations of the 3D on the 3DS yet.

Asphalt 3D does have a few good points such as the variety of maps and car collection, however the game has so much technical problems that completely overlooks any good it has left in it. In addition, the career mode suffers from eventual repetitiveness and the lack of an online multiplayer mode makes for a short experience that is not worth the $39.99 price tag. A couple of dollars on iOS or Android is a much better choice if you really want to play Asphalt. To sum it up, Asphalt 3D is one of the worst portable racing games I have ever come across.

The Scorecard
The gameplay is potentially fun, but the game itself runs extremely poorly including frame drops and frame jumps.
Backgrounds remind me of PS1 graphics and the car models themselves are poorly detailed. This is not what a 3DS game supposed to look like.
The soundtrack is decent but makes it feel like 1990s all over again, while the game’s sound effects are way off from how engines, crashes, and breaks should sound like.
If you do enjoy the game despite all its problems then there are quite a variety of maps and cars to play with but the lack of online multiplayer is really disappointing.
The game can be fun to play to some, but most of the people will not be able to handle the core problems with the gameplay itself.
Asphalt 3D is an extremely poor port that does not utilize any of the capabilities of the 3DS to any good extent.


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