The Witcher 2 to get all the DLC free

By on May 17, 2011

Additional goodies won’t cost a dime including launch day DLC, Troll Trouble.

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The Witcher 2, one of the most anticipated RPGs of this year, will apparently get the additional content treatment completely for free right out of the box – even on launch day theres’ some goodies to grasp on.

That’s however, according to one of the devs from the Polish studio who broke the news during a Q&A session on the GameStop Facebook page.

“Let me announce that all our DLCs will be FREE. All of them,” they said, adding “If anything will be for purchase, those will be expansion packs.”

CD Projekt’s also confirmed that ‘Troll Trouble’, a side-quest free DLC, will be available alongside the release of the game today in the US, and on the 20th of May in Europe.


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