SCV Interview: Hisaharu Tago “pissed” that Tekken got to a movie first

By on May 12, 2011

Producer of the new Soul Calibur title answers our questions on the story, characters, handheld possibilities and a movie.

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Project Souls producer Hisaharu Tago delighted fans yesterday when he took to stage at the Namco Level Up event in Dubai to announce Soul Calibur V, the next iteration into the popular fighting game series.

Like all good announcements, most of the major question were aptly deflected with repeated promise of more information at Entertainment Expo in June. However, Tago-sans did share a few tid-bits for fans to chew on, along with a teaser trailer to give a taste of what’s to come.

Soul Calibur V will take place 17 years after the events of the previous game. Players will take control of a new character called Patroklos, who is the son of Sophitia. The trailer also showed a returning character, Siegfried, who is now 39 years old and wields an unspecified two-handed sword rather than the Soul Calibur.

The game’s “generation-shift” will allow the series to break away from the old traditions of the game, especially with the “looping” storyline that featured in previous titles.

“Unlike previous games where the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge would get destroyed in the end, it will be a little different this time. From Soul Calibur V, VI, VII, and onwards, we are going to make a storyline that’s continuous. It won’t be a loop like previous games. It’s going to be more like a big storyline for the Soul Calibur series,” Tago-sans explained in a private interview session with us.

The game will also introduce a new “lighter and more elegant” battle system and will feature “short” swords. One of the reasons for this change was to improve the lag in multiplayer games, as it is an important part of the series now. Apparently, lighter swords provides for a more faster paced action. The team is currently balancing between speed and realism, according to Tago-sans.

Further on, as the producer became more hesitant to divulge more information, we moved to more general questions, like hey, Tekken has a CGI movie now, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Soul Calibur movie was well?

“To be honest with you, I am a bit pissed that Tekken got to have a movie before us, as I wanted to have a Soul Calibur move as well! [Laughs] Of course, this is something we are thinking about and we would surely like to have a movie for Soul Calibur,” he said.

One of the hotly asked question amongst us was if the game will once again feature guest characters like Darth Vader and Yoda. Tago-sans said that although they were happy working with LucasArts to bring some of their famous characters to the franchise, “we think that if we bring the same characters again, maybe the fans will be bored, because they like having new things.  As we are still quite early in the development, we have not yet finalized on the list of guest characters that we would like to have.” He assured that the team will try to “bring something new to fans.”

Finally, we probed him about porting the series over to the new crop of handhelds like 3DS and NGP. Tago-sans showed excitement over the prospects, saying they were “very good and a great opportunity”, however the decision to develop games for the handheld consoles ultimately lied with company itself, and even though he would like to makes games for them, he could not comment further.

Left: Yours truly, Hisaharu Tago, and Amin Abbas with an awesome looking sword.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • Jared

    I’d be ‘pissed’ too, the only Namco title worthy of a movie was the Katamari Series =P…it would be like a cross between a pink floyd concert and Friday… in other words it would require some kind of substance abuse in order to get the full effect of the movie.

  • Tenpukosairyukai

    After SC5 I don’t want a movie. That story was trash.The weapons causing lag is a lie. what was he trying say? characters like Seong Mina & Zasalamel casued the game to lag though in in 3 and 4 they didn’t? Also I never knew Yunseong had a heavy weapon either! I guess Zweihander’s and Giant Axes aren’t heavy at all

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