Namco Bandai Level Up: Ridge Racer Unbounded out February 2012, trailer released

By on May 11, 2011

Due out next year for all platforms; conference trailer up now publicly.

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More from Namco, as the company has revealed that its upcoming iteration in the arcade racing franchise, Ridge Racer Unbounded, will release early next year.

The highly-anticipated “reboot” of the racing series will speed its way to US stores in February 7, while it’s set to arrive three days later in the rest of territories on February 10 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

During the announcement earlier today at Namco’s Level Up conference, the company has showcased a brief gameplay trailer. Though, they’ve managed to publish it online some few moments ago, and from what it seems, Unbounded looks nothing like traditional Ridge Racer releases – there’s just heaps of driving insanity. Have a look below.


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  • Sharkman John

    Lame. Ridge Racer Type 8 please.

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