Coin Drop! Review

By on May 10, 2011

Down with the bad pennies, I say!

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First Impressions
My reaction is

The normal creed of the smartphone gaming world is that one successful games must have atleast hundreds of clones. That’s what most small time developers make their living on. To provide something slightly different, good or bad, based on what is currently popular in the market. Full Fat Production’s Coin Drop is somewhat similar as well. It borrows heavily from Popcap’s famous Peggle, but fortunately, has lot of its own going to not become a complete copycat.

Coin Drop can be best described as a game of Pinball, only where the flaps are missing and you manually place where the ball will drop – only of course, here you drop a coin. The rest plays off similarly: the coin bounces of different objects on screen, and based on your aim and a little bit of luck, will amass as much points as possible before it eventually drops off the screen.

While doing that, you have to take care of the grumpy, funky hair-styled blue coins that have apparently broken loose. There will be a number of blue coins on a level, and you must capture them by hitting them with the golden coins to proceed. That won’t be easy, however, as each level is covered with objects the coin will bounce about and over, which will cause you to miss your mark. Although the game does well in gradually ramping up the difficultly, it becomes apparent much early in the game that you will have to master physics pretty quickly to pass through the levels, and have a little lady luck smile on your side as well.

Coin Drop features for four levels with 15 sub-levels in each (and more coming soon, based on the large “coming soon” board next to the levels). Each level has its own theme and quirks that makes the game even more interesting. Little pins and platforms will be the least of your troubles as portals, bricks, lasers and magnets unlock to screw with your newly learnt lessons in physics.

As with such games, level design and presentation is of utmost importance. Even the best of ideas are lost if the translation to actuality is not executed properly. Coin Drop has that covered, though, with the presentation especially flourishing in vibrant colors, quirky humor, and joyous sound effects; with the spit and polish expected of a high caliber download.

Coin Drop may take inspiration from Peggle but it’s far off from a cut-paste job. At $0.99, Full Fat’s platformer is a fun little game that will bring smile on anyone’s face, and should not be missed.

The Scorecard
It requires a bit of luck on your side, but that's the life of a coin.
Excellent visuals rendered in shades of happy and joyous mix of colors.
Peppy and cute, and does the job. Not really memorable, however.
Unless you are awesome at physics and gravity is your best buddy, expect hours of game time to get the perfect scores.
Great gameplay mechanics will get you “oh noo!” and “ahhh...not there!” in no time.
Like a good, easy to pick n play mobile game should be.


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