Rumor: Xbox 720 reveal to shock the masses at E3

By on May 6, 2011

“Trusted” source proclaims EA has early build of the hardware.

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According to a “senior, trusted, well-placed” source, Microsoft is said to announce the successor to its current home console the Xbox 360 next month in Los Angeles at E3.

The source has told games industry publication Develop that Microsoft’s dev kits of the new hardware was recently sent to publisher EA last month, and that they are getting intact with the tech to “create first-generation software”

The new hardware is allegedly a “very early build with no casing – it is in fact being stored inside a PC shell”.

“Quite often when new consoles come around they’re packaged into a PC shell, but actually what’s inside is an entirely new console,” the source said.

“Why let Nintendo steal the thunder in June [At E3]? It doesn’t want to lose momentum. That’s why I think Microsoft is rushing to make an announcement at E3.” the source adds.

It’s been confirmed to Develop that the new console will launch late 2012 featuring enhanced support for Kinect.

“Kinect will keep the 360 going for a couple of years, but Microsoft knows that if it slows down now it will face trouble,” the source concludes.


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