Super Street Fighter IV 3D Review

By on May 2, 2011

Fighting in the 3rd dimension is just as good as the 2nd.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

When Nintendo announced their 3DS console, I was honestly skeptical about the whole glasses-less 3D experience. And while 3D has some merits in a visual experience for racing and action games, for a fighting game I firmly believed that 3D would fail. Boy was I wrong.

We have already provided a hands-on experience with the 3DS, earlier last month, so I sort of knew what to expect from the 3DS’s 3D capabilities, especially after playing around with Nintendogs & Cats for a while (the Japanese version). However, nothing could’ve prepared me for who good SSFIV looks in 3D on the 3DS.

Once I adjusted the 3D slider to a level my eyes could easily adjust to, the came took on a whole new life. You’ll be glad to know that even in 3D, SSFIV runs at a smooth 30fps. Switching the slider down to 2D bumps it up to 60 fps. Keep in mind though, that to play the game in 60fps, you’ll need to turn off 3D within the Options menu. After that, no matter where you put the 3D slider, the game won’t run in 3D, and will always be in 60fps.

Given the limited resolution of the 3DS (of 800×240 pixels in 2D mode), I wasn’t expecting anything close to the iPhone 4 version of the game, let alone the consoles. Once again, Capcom pleasantly surprised me with not only how fluid the game played, but also how beautiful they made it look on that 3.5” top widescreen. Of course, the 24-bit color of the 3DS really helped bring SSFIV to life on the handheld.

From the entire launch lineup of the Nintendo 3DS, Super Street Fighter IV is the one game that truly shows off the potential of this glasses-less 3D console.

Leaving the impressive visuals behind, let me talk a bit about the actual gameplay itself. The D-pad on the 3DS doesn’t feel as good as the DSi that I have, but it’s certainly no slouch either. For the most part I was pulling off combos with ease; the bottom screen providing the option to hit 4 combos. Two of these four were special moves, while the third was the Special combo and the fourth being the Ultra combo. For the most part, the 3DS version of SSFIV plays the exact same as the console versions.

This is obviously good news for players who want to take their battle to the next stage with online multiplayer. Immediately upon entering the Internet Match menu, you’re given an option to select from either regular Versus or 3D Versus. Once there, the playlist consists of Quick Match, Custom Match and Friend Match. Interestingly, there are two ways to play SSFIV on the 3DS. One is the regular 2D style where the 3D effect comes in the form of the background giving depth to the foreground where the characters fight each other, while the “3D Versus” style is where the camera goes into this 2/3rd isometric view. In this 3D Versus mode, turning on the 3D effect is quite disorienting. I can see a few people giving this mode a try just for kicks, but the majority will stick to the regular old 2D perspective.

Throughout all the matches I played online, my 8mb connection from Du held up quite nicely over WiFi. The net code for SSFIV 3D is just as good as the console versions. In fact, while searching for Quick Matches, I got into games much quicker then I usually do on the X360.

Capcom really pulled a tour de force with Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS. The game is every bit as capable as its bigger counterparts on the console. Offline gameplay is smooth, especially once you go 60fps, while online play is fast and lag-free. The game is a visual splendor (in both 2D and 3D) and the stereo effects on the 3DS really come into their own. If you’ve just bought a 3DS and have even the slightest interest in fighting games, Super Street Fighter IV is a must buy.

The Scorecard
The same tight controls as the console version, with easy to implement combo buttons as well.
The most visually impressive game on the 3DS by far. 3D gives the game a whole new look, while 2D gives you 60fps to play around with.
The stereo sound effects on the 3DS are really great, adding another dynamic layer to the whole experience.
With a robust online component, trophies and further unlockables, this game will keep you busy until the next marquee title on the 3DS.
The more you play it, the better you'll get at it, the more ass you will kick online.
One of the best fighting games on the consoles makes a triumphant debut on the 3DS.


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