Sony reveals PSN accounts numbers for Middle East

By on May 1, 2011

UAE and Saudi form the two biggest markets in the region.

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Sony today revealed the breakdown of the number of Playstation accounts in the world per country. The stats were distributed as part of the information pamphlet distributed to press prior to the event held in Japan today.

Middle East-wise, the stats sheet revealed that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia formed the two biggest Playstation markets in the region with 254,820 and 651,018 registered users, respectively.

The third largest country was Kuwait with 93, 453 users, followed by Qatar with 46,164 users, Bahrain with 26,392 users and Oman with just 9,801 users.

United States, of course, had the largest Playstation user base with 31,140,307 users. Full sheet attached below.


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