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By on April 19, 2011

Possibilities that the near future has in turn for us.

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My reaction is

The thing that interests me much more than full on cloud-gaming is just how can “the cloud” be used in a smarter more creative way to solve many problems gamers face today, or even make our gaming experiences a lot more satisfying. It was none other than Sony Computer Entertainment that really had me thinking on what the possibilities of the very near future are going to be. With the announcement of the NGP and the current cloud saves feature on the PS3 for Playsation Plus members, it seems that Sony is heading in a direction to utilize the cloud in a very smart and intuitive way.

The possibilities of what Sony has in mind are vast, just how far will Sony go to impress us?

From how this is going, it seems to me Sony wants the PS3 and the NGP to complement each other very well.  Just how much complementing am I talking about? I am talking about downloading PSN titles that are compatible with the PS3 and the NGP, saving on the PS3 to the cloud server, and then on the go be able to access the same exact experience from your NGP. This would literally allow you to play your games flawlessly with no hiccups, whether you are at home or on the go. Now Sony needs to think these steps through and well to create a system that is easy to use and does the job fast enough. If Sony does in fact nail this down, we could see a big shift in how Consoles and portables are used along with the possibilities of how the two can benefit each other going into the next-gen era.

I fully believe that Sony has something awesome in store for us, and I can’t wait two more months for E3 to come rolling in to see what Sony has been cooking.

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