10mins of dinosaur footage, from Jurrassic Park: The Game

By on April 13, 2011

Check out Telltale’s upcoming adventure title based on the popular movie.

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Jurassic Park: The Game is around the corner, and while we cringe every time we hear about this video game adaptation out to ruin possibly the best movie of all time, we must take respite in the fact that the folks behind the game are Telltale, who have been doing an excellent job with Sam & Max and Back to the Future games.

Joe Pinney of development studio recently hopped over at Gamespot’s ‘On the spot’ feature to demo the game. The 10 min segment shows many aspects of the upcoming adventure title and it seems that the game will be heavily based on QTE events similar to Heavy Rain. Though it doesn’t seem like it will go on to become an award winning game like Quantic Dream’s unique formula.

Pinney refused to divulge on exact release date, only saying the game will be “coming soon” and to the consoles as well, “but is coming first to PC and Mac”.


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