Back to the Future Episode III: Citizen Brown Review

By on April 10, 2011

The most story-oriented affair of the three.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

We return to the action after the last episode’s climactic and chilling conclusion, I have to say of all the episodes this is the one I was looking forward to the most. How has the present world of 1986 changed, what did we do to change it and what has become of Doc?

This episode harkens to all the points in the novel and movie 1984, written by George Orwell’s regarding conformity, everyone has a uniform and behavior that they must abide by, organization, certain things must happen on certain days for certain reasons for example, and “cleanliness” at the cost of outlawing pets, foods people enjoy, and public displays of affection.

Among other things this episode answered my question whether we would return to the present time or not, and with consequences that are a direct result of our actions. So what have we done? Biff is essentially on a leash, mom is drinking again, dad is in charge of all the cameras in Hill Valley, and Jennifer hates Marty?

I have to say I found the puzzles in this episode far more challenging compared to the previous ones, I can’t tell whether that was because I was too excited to play this episode or whether I just couldn’t understand the clues presented. That doesn’t matter however because exploiting the maximum possible conversation is the highlight of this game.

It’s somewhat tough since there is a very limited area to explore this time around, other than the main square there is Marty’s home too. This time around we have to break several laws to get a hold of Doc’s…Citizen Brown’s attention. Everything from befriending a stray dog, making out in public, and holding a bottle of alcohol is what it’s going to take.

I have to say though, that the ending to this one didn’t feel quite as satisfying as the previous episodes and makes me wonder where the series will go next. Each episode so far, we explored the story, tried everything possible then concludes the story, this episode though presented us with a fair twist and to be honest, something unexpected from the series.

As always we need to see where the next episode in the series is going, will we just resolve the issue at hand and escape back to 1931 to fix things yet again? The question also still remains are we going to the future at any point in this game? The 2015 envisioned in the original movie series could be very different than what will actually happen in four years time. Technology has evolved a lot slower from that perspective, we still drive cars on gasoline, world disasters have, and wars.

The Scorecard
Each successive game seems more and more enjoyable as it progresses.
Clean colors, and great visuals for the series. Portrayed a conformist world well.
As always, the music is great and works great for the series.
This episode took longer to accomplish, and there remains to be more story that can be pulled, it’s apparent that the completed series will have a great replay value for those that happen to rush through it.
We know what’s going on, we know what we have to do, how do we do it is the matter at hand and trying to solve that is always fun.
The game is definitely growing on me, as much as I want my hands on the next series, I do not want the adventure to end. This will be one of the few great story-telling game there is. Using an old point and click formula of all things too!
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