Mass Effect 3 to have squadmates, alternate endings – first details emerged

By on April 9, 2011

No multiplayer, more RPG-driven, multiple endings and will mark the return of Garrus.

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Shortly after the first art release and confirmation of Game Informer’s Mass Effect 3 exclusive coverage in its mag, the initial proper information and details on the much anticipated RPG from BioWare is now online courtesy of the NeoGaf boards.

The final chapter of the trilogy will follow right after the events of the recent DLC for Mass Effect 2. It sees Shepard on Earth facing a trial following his actions in the Arrival pack. Halfway through the trial, the Reapers strike back, and the prologues cover Shepard’s battle to make sure he escapes to the Normandy and flee the planet.

This incident will force him to recruit the crew and fight off the Reaper threat and save Earth. Mysterious organization Cerebrus wants to take down Shepard in ME3 – Illusive man is said to play a critical role here.

Squadmates are confirmed for Mass Effect 3 – few old friends will return and join the party, including Liara, Ashley or Kaiden and Garrus, and assuming others have survived the previous games, Wrex, Legion, Mordin and Anderson will be in Mass Effect 3, however, they’ll show up as non-party members.

Role-playing elements for ME3 will be significantly beefed up so that the leveling mechanics should offer an extensive choice of abilities. Also BioWare says trees will be larger, and powers won’t be limited and thus one can be evolved several times instead of just once.

Just like its prequel, Mass Effect 3 will feature a number of alternate endings, some are good and others are bad. The ending will highly depend on the squad members you select to recruit over the game’s course.

Also there are few tweaks to the weapons systems. All characters can have any sort of weapon now; however, different classes will be limited in terms of carrying capacity and weaponry slots. Soldier class can clutch unlimited number of weapons at once.

There are mods to weapons. Mods will let you have the option to swap different barrels and scopes – this will affect its appearance as well.

Moreover, BioWare has denied the multiplayer feature in Mass Effect 3, stating that they’ve already considered it for future projects and spin-offs.

Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for this holiday season for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.


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  • Craig Young

    Well this sounds cool.

    I’ve already replayed ME2 on veteran (which some may laugh at but I’m proud o miself). In anticipation of ME3 I wanted a completely intact team with no deaths and a fully loaded paragon bar.

    Looking forward to ME3. Thanks for the news!

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