Crysis 2 Review

By on April 6, 2011

Crytek brings their maximum game in what is possibly their best effort to date.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Crysis will always be remembered as the game that brought PC’s to their knees with its technological demands, so much so that the first achievement one gets on Crysis 2 is ‘Can it run Crysis?’. However, Crysis 2, being multi-platform, restricts how far Crytek can go in terms of graphics, so there will have to be a greater emphasis on game-play.

As soon as you start the game, the differences between Crysis 2 and its predecessor will be very evident. While Crysis was set in a lush jungle, Crysis 2 takes us to New York city under the siege of an alien race. You take control of Alcatraz, who is entrusted with the Nanosuit to fend off the alien invasion. There are a couple of twists along the way, but the plot is typical of what’s found in most FPS games these days.

The game-play revolves a lot around the Nanosuit and its abilities, which include invisibility, armour, power-jumps, sprints etc. The suit also gives you a lot of info on your surroundings, and mastering it is key if you want any kind of success in the game. However it also has a few flaws, the most annoying one being that it allows you to almost cheat your way through the game, invisibility helps you avoid a lot of the difficult battles for example.

Speaking of flaws, another glaring issue with the game is its AI. There will be occasions when an enemy within touching distance will not see you, but there will be just as many occasions when someone at the other side of the level will somehow spot you and ruin the stealthy progress you’ve made. That’s nothing compared to seeing enemies and your allies happily standing next to each other, or enemies who are oblivious to your bullets. All this is frustrating during the first hour or so, but is unnoticeable once the real action begins.

The bland beginning does become exciting quickly, and the true quality of the game begins to shine through. Due to great level design the battles, against enemies ranging from the slow and heavy to ones who use ledges to attack from above, never have the scripted feel that you get from many other games. The firefights develop differently each time you re-play them, and occasionally the AI can actually be intelligent.

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The Scorecard
Though there's nothing revolutionary, the Nanosuit does add an extra dimension to the gameplay. While the flaws drag it down.
The crumbling city of New York is captured in beautiful detail.
Sound effects are crisp and realistic.
The multiplayer adds a lot to the replayability of the game.
Going on rampages has never been more fun, thanks to the nanosuit.
A great game, dragged down by its fair share of flaws.


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