Back to the Future Episode 2 – Get Tannen Review

By on March 27, 2011

“Gosh Doc, what’ve gotten ourselves into now?!”

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First Impressions
My reaction is

We return to the action in this installment continuing from the cliffhanger ending to the last episode. We’ve set everyone on the right path and things are looking great, or are they? A normal reality isn’t what awaits Marty and Doc, we have to set it right to prevent any more disastrous events from altering the future once more!

This installment of the series was easier to work with than the previous episode, perhaps it’s because at this point we are familiar with the controls, the nature of the puzzles and objective in mind. It’s far easier to identify the purpose of a mission, when considering the context of the conversations and Marty’s ultimate goal for the story.  This episode does have a new set of confusing puzzles and tricks to keep things fresh and interesting, and will definitely keep you guessing as to what to do next. A new addition, that we will dub “do-on-thing-to-do-another” puzzle is used, where essentially you need to work on one piece of a particular scenario, in sequence to be able to get to the next puzzle within the same scenario. This requires a fair amount of trial and error before getting it just right to move the story forward. One key point, this perhaps may be a downfall for the episode, and while this mechanic is great for storytelling, it does take up majority of the game. There is no other main events going on at that time, and the entire plot unfolds in a few key scenes. While the variety of conversation and puzzle options are enjoyable, more settings and scenes need to explored first.

We’re still armed with hints at our disposal, but considering the experience with the first episode, the average person will be able to solve the majority of problems without requiring any help from them. There are also far more conversation options available this time around to flesh the characters out, explain the setting, and deliver over the top, hilarious moments. True to Back to the Future series, you will be jumping back into events witnessed the first time around from a whole new perspective, we need to see more of these in future titles! It makes for great “Aha” moments when you as Marty realize that the reason a specific event has happened was because he indirectly made it happen, while Marty was there in the first title. If you seem just as confused as us, then don’t worry, as the story progresses it’ll all make sense.

It’s pretty clear the era this entire series so far is set in, will be the 80’s, the present, and the 30’s from the first episode. We have to wonder though, will we go into the future with this story at all or not? Thus far all indications point to a return to 1931 in the next episode, but no indications whether we will go beyond 2011 in future episodes. This adventure will take about three to four hours to complete and will leave you grasping at straws to have your hands on the next installment! Look for it soon on Steam, XBLA and PSN!

The Scorecard
If you have played the previous installment then you will definitely enjoy this one.
It’s meant to convey a certain style and mood.
It’s great, presentation is great, and music suits the game. More 1930’s nostalgia present here, what will the next episode bring?
It’s short, as Episodic content of this particular nature can be, however as a whole the value can only go up!
Being familiar with the control scheme, nature of the puzzles makes this a much better play.
Much more fun on the second time around, will the third time be a charm?
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