Blog: I wouldn’t mind a short game, you know

By on March 23, 2011

5 hours short single player campaign? Well, why not?

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My reaction is

Embarrassingly, these days I find myself secretly praying that developers stop making long ass 400+ hours story campaigns. You see, I come home every day at 7:30pm, travelling from Abu Dhabhi to Sharjah – at peak hours it feels like I am crossing the depths of hell. When I reach home, my full attention is devoted to my 2 yr old nephew for the entire night. By the time I get to personal time-space, I am too dead tired to get some WASD going. Sometimes I have to force myself into playing a game – which I do so with my head lolling around from side to another as I try to defeat sleep.

So yes, would I mind a single player campaign that could get over, over a cup of coffee? Absolutely not. In fact, I would gleefully welcome it.

Whenever the likes of BioWare or Rockstar announce their new game, a small part of me cringes. Oh God, another awesome game that will take me my entire adulthood to complete. I am not a huge player of top-down, point and kill kind of RPGs like Dragon Age but when the first game released, I wanted to give it a shot. I did, for about 4 hours before I realized that the game was too massive to even bother attempting to compete it. I just won’t be able to. This is also the reason why I still haven’t taken the wrap off my copy of Dragon Age 2. There is not point.

Fortunately, as it turns out I am not alone. A thread over at the Tbreak Forums, written by our community member Cursed7, also laments a similar story. I know that there are thousands of other gamers out there that can relate to us. Family, work, college, kids – there are many important variables that needs to be addressed before gaming can sneak in into our time.

However, as our playing time reduces little to nothing, we must make sure we continue gaming. There are lot of reasons we game – to bust stress, to have fun, to drool at the visual effects, to experience another world – and that feeling, that excitement should never be lost. It’s a passion among us, and a passion should never be killed! Hail to the Games baby!

Er, now if you will excuse, I have exactly ten mins before my brains ticks to sleep mode and I would like some headshots.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • Newbz

    How short do you define short?
    I do agree with the fact of short games could be fun, but then price factor comes into play , do you really want to pay 189 dhs for a 5 hour game?. Also game developers have added this annoying “side” quests / items that practically isn’t the story line , but it’s integral to the game and allows you to spend your time chasing after unicorns.
    I sadly fall in the line of completion-ist , i aim to clear the game from start to finish and do the side quests too,

    But again , without sidequests , wouldn’t gaming be linear and not allow the player to make the choice of , well i do want to save the world but i would like to mine some ores first so world saving can wait.

    Just my thoughts

  • Craig Young

    Hey MF,

    fortunately there are short games – Dead Space 2: Severed for example. Then there’s Limbo which is amazingly engaging and not too long.

    When I am working 9-5, I actually don’t mind putting in an hour of gaming each day and enjoying the experience a little longer. I feel your pain though – but for different reasons. I don’t fancy open-world games, like Fallout. I got it and traded it in in short order because it simply didn’t move fast enough and one could wander around doing nothing for way too long – and let’s face it, a second in game-world time is 5 minutes in real life.

    Mass Effect I and II were perfect RPG’s because they balanced the role-playing with a good amount of shooter action, and it was linear rather than open world. I would have enjoyed and finished Red Dead Redemption if it wasn’t open world. But, c’est la vie.

    Now get back to your babysitting ;)

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