Battlefield 3 has “no prayer” in topping Call of Duty, says analyst

By on March 23, 2011

“It would have to sell around 300% more than the last version to topple Call of Duty,” says analyst Michael Pachter.

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Industry analyst Michael Patcher believes that DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 3 doesn’t have a chance of outdoing this year’s entry in the Call of Duty franchise.

Speaking to IndustryGames, the Wedbush analyst said that even though he visions EA’s shooter pulling in 25-35% more sales than previous version, it, however, has “no prayer” in dethroning whatever Activision plans to out for this year’s Call of Duty.

“EA is trying to gain share incrementally, and I’m sure that if it is a great game, Battlefield 3 will sell 25 – 35% more copies than the last version. It would have to sell around 300% more than the last version to topple Call of Duty,” said Pachter

“The question you didn’t ask is whether Battlefield 3 will take share; based upon the growing installed base of CoD multiplayer players, it’s possible that BOTH games will see higher sales in 2011, so I wonder whether EA will actually ‘take’ share.”

Unlike Battlefield 3 which had a hefty reveal at GDC earlier this month, Activision has yet to disclose its latest Call of Duty entry. However, it’s been presumed that Sledgehammer Games is working on the new shooter alongside Raving Games and Infinity Ward – rumored to be Modern Warfare 3, and will lead none other than masked man Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley.


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