Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

By on September 18, 2006

Hold on to your seatbelt, this ride is gonna crash.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Midway Games took an arcade classic and made it into a decent game for consoles and came out with a sequel the next year. Why o’ why did they have to ruin the series with this new game that has mediocre graphics and irritating shooting controls, I cannot understand.
The previous two Spy Hunter games had you saving the world in a state of the art spy vehicle called the Interceptor which could transform itself into any form of vehicle known to man. They were all driving missions. Now Midway decided to put in some 3rd person shooter gaming into it and instead of making it better it has now become one of those generic action games that people tend to forget. I guess Midway thought that would happen and hence decided to have Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to star in its lead role. This just reduces the bland feel only a bit.

The game starts off with you driving the Interceptor and you can immediately feel the poor handling mechanics of the car. The car moves like it’s on ice and no matter what you try the car will not crash. On other levels you drive as a boat and even as a bike and you still can’t make The Rock take a dive. On the shooting part of the game the controls are really horrible. When you try to aim at a person it would take you ages before you even get a shot. Hence the game difficulty is unbalanced as you have wasted all your bullets just trying to shoot one person and all the rest just make mince meat out of you. With fists, that’s a different story. You can pull off cool moves just like you see The Rock perform on WWE, especially The Rock Bottom. The story of the game is plain and doesn’t feel like a real spy game like Everything or Nothing from EA was. You don’t feel like a bit interested to know that the villain wants to destroy the world. Come on, who doesn’t? The AI are plain stupid and just come into to your path of bullets (that is, if you get your aim right).
Midway has done a good job on the motion capture as you really move and talk like The Rock, but they just spoiled it all with ugly graphics. There are many glitches as you can see a player just walk through walls or guns just floating in the air. Even in some cut scenes the mouth does not move but there’s dialogue. The Rock and the car look cool but the rest just spoils it all. 

The sound of the game is average with average voice over, average surround sounds, average intro music and even average menu music. I literally cringed when I heard the stupid one-liners coming out of the Rock’s mouth. Quote “Didn’t anyone tell you not to point?” as the enemy points his gun at our star tops the list of idiotic lines ever said.
Sadly there is no multiplayer and the game lasts only 10 hours on normal difficulty. There isn’t much in the way of unlocking stuff except some bonus modes and that’s all. The game deserves to be played only if you’re a Rock fan because there is much else that it can offer. And by the way, you play more as the Rock behind a gun than behind a steering wheel. If Midway had put more effort and didn’t rush the game then maybe, just maybe, I would have had a better game to review.

The Scorecard
Aiming is just horrible; the Rock Bottom keeps the score up).
Glitches everywhere, Rock looks cool performing his moves.
Horrible voice acting with horrible dialogues.
See no point playing this game other than for the Rock.
A game with a successful past disappointments with this new offering.


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