Shogun 2 launches with no DirectX 11 support

By on March 12, 2011

DirectX 11 will be patched in 2 – 4 weeks post launch.

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Strategy sequel Total War: Shogun 2 launches next week, though, the game won’t support DirectX 11 upon its launch.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Creative Assembly communications manager Kieran Brigden said that DirectX 11 option will be patched through a game update two or four weeks post game’s release.

“We wanted a couple more weeks just to polish the performance of DirectX 11 on a variety of different cards,” said Brigden. “We’re OK with the stability and the feature set. We just wanted a couple more weeks to tweak the performance on various difference cards.

“We wanted to add this tech in a little bit later. The fans will see the tech patched in in probably two to four weeks from release.”

SEGA’s Shogun 2 releases for PC next week on March 15.


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