Tiny Wings for iPhone Review

By on March 10, 2011

It believes it can fly…

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Angry Birds was a huge success on the iOS, propelling its developers into the A-league, with consequent fat paying revenues opened up for them by big publishers wanting to piece a pie of the current craze. But when it was a game, and not an advertisement opportunity, Angry Birds was a simple yet highly addictive game that worked on two principles – great character design and simple and innovative gameplay. While Rovio Games are busy partnering up multi-million dollar deals, gamers of iOS-verse are on the prowl for a new game to fall in love with. After playing Andreas llliger’s Tiny Wings for a couple of hours, I believe this could be the game they have been waiting for.

In Tiny Wings, you control a bird who is little on the, err, big boned-side to be able to take flight. Mighty as he may try, his tiny little wings cannot support his big frame through the air without a harsh crash landing.  However, this big fluffy bird has a strange determination to fulfill his dream of taking flight and thankfully, the cheerful watercolor-ed world is littered with hilly terrain from which he can launch himself into the air if timed properly.

That’s where you come in basically. You will need to take advantage of the sloppy mountains to help gather speed as the bird clambers down a slope. Like a rolling bowl, you must time the bird to gain speed as he swoops down a slope and release the hold to make it launch in the air. All this is done with a simple one-click mechanism, requiring players to only press and hold on the screen to help the bird gain speed or simply leaving it to prepare it for another slope.

The levels are divided into multiple islands which the players must guide the bird through it as quickly as possible before the sun drowns out. If the night engulfs, the bird instantly snaps into a sleep and the game gets over. Of course, the game is just not about helping the bird take flight and get from one point to another. The bird must also collect coins and speed boasters like Sonic, with perfectly timed crash lands and flight back again to continue through the journey. The coins count towards the final score and also plays a part in the short ‘task list’ that a player must complete to get a ‘nest upgrade’ which will you fetch you a better multiplier score (you start with x10).

Honestly, at first glance, the game doesn’t seem to be much. After all, it is just maneuvering a fat little bird so that it could fly. However, the simplicity of the game, along with it’s colorful (and non-Retina graphics) creates an intangibility that grows on you and forces you to keep coming back. There is also an immense sense of wonderment and joy every time the bird takes a successful flight. I have caught myself on numerous occasions chuckling like a kid or pumping my fist in the air when the bird soars through the clouds, gleaming in the sun, like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, pride and confident of itself.

I guess, somewhere, deep down in our hearts and minds, there are a few things in life that we could never take flight with. Tiny Wings then becomes an outlet, a source, to compensate for what we could not do in our life and instead take part in the celebratory squeak the little champ gives off whenever he touches the skies. It’s not only the bird, maybe, that’s taking the flight at that time, but our hopes and dreams as well.

Tiny Wings is a soul pleasing game. It works as a relaxing tonic. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to play, and very, very addictive. If you were looking for a game that you could while away your boring bits of your daily life with, this new developer’s iOS game is a perfect candidate for the requirement. It only cost $0.99 too.

The Scorecard
One-touch gameplay mechanic. It doesn’t get simpler than this.
The non-Retina graphics works in its favor, giving more character to the watercolor-ed landscapes.
A pleasing background score that charms while playing the game. The birds’ little squeaks are adorable as well.
There are tasks to achieve, coins to collect and islands to reach. But only one game mode and no Game Center integration as of yet.
Taking the perfect flight in a joy like no other.
Incredibly fun and imaginatively simple. Get this.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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