NBA Jam for iPhone Review

By on March 7, 2011

A generation’s dream, now on your iPhone.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

I could go on and on about how much time I spent playing this game as a kid. It was just so crazy and exciting, that all what me and a few of my friends wanted to do back then is play this game over and over again. I don’t know what it was exactly, the big heads maybe? Or was it hitting 5 straight 3s with Patrick Ewing? I guess it was just throwing jaw dropping dunks with the original Mr.3points – Reggie Miller. Whatever it was however, this series had people attached at home and at the arcades and is now on your iPhone. So does it live up to expectations? Read on.

I am not a big fan of games that require too many buttons on my iPhone. That is why sports games are still struggling to adapt and catch up with all these angry birds flying around. NBA Jam gives you 3 buttons to press and some how does it brilliantly. It might take most people a little time to get used to, but trust me on this one – it will work. You will be performing high flying dunks and setting yourself on fire while being stuck in traffic. That has to be every gamers dream right there.

The one thing many people will not like about this game is the lack of multiplayer options. The excuse used is that the developers wanted to s hove as many single player options as possible into the package to make the game better and they surely delivered. The number of players for example is fantastic and you will get to compete against a very good AI controlled teams too. The defending in this game for example is not a piece of cake. The AI will actually challenge you on every play, so you better be ready to deliver.

What I was worried the most about in this game, is how the pace of t he original series will be translated onto our phones. Well, the developers nailed that one too. The pace is there for us to enjoy and you will feel every dunk and every block. To say I was surprised at how well the game was ported to the iPhone is an understatement. The game also offers you an option to buy extra players and modes from the built in store. This might sound as another money grabbing scheme by EA – but I would rather have the option of getting more out of the game than nothing at all.

NBA Jam for the iPhone is a very good game of basketball. Not just on your phones, but overall it is really a great experience. I do not see a reason why other sports games on portable devices shouldn’t be this good, fast and exciting. The only thing putting this game down a little is the lack of multiplayer options, but knowing EA, I am sure a future release of this game will bring more to the table including a solid multiplayer game. People looking for a thrill while on the way to work/school should not look any further; this is by far the best sports related game on the iPhone.

The Scorecard
Fantastic, feared the worst but came out very impressed.
Solid and that sense of speed was captured perfectly.
Just good enough for a portable game.
No multiplayer is a minus, but more modes to buy is certainly a plus.
How about a game of Clinton and Obama vs. Bush and Palin? You got it.
Simply a must buy for sports fans, other iPhone owners should give it a shot too.


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