ZAGG LEATHERskins for iPhone 4 Review

By on March 5, 2011

Built for the fashion conscious.

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As with any ‘high commercialized’ device like the iPhone, there are always people wanting to ‘deck it out’ with a distinctive style and look that would, as the PR machines would put it, “reflect the user’s own character and class”. Zagg’s newest ‘captial-ized’ series, the LEATHERskins is one such product that adds a touch of beautification to your iPhone with a variety of design skins.

The distributors of the Zagg decided to send us the LEATHERskin Alligator Finish and that’s what we are reviewing today. The packaging claims the skin is made of genuine leather, though how right their claim is upto you to decide. This is a ‘full’ skin, so what you will get is the back peel along with six little cut-outs to protect the steel band around the phone.

Applying the skin is made simple with a two way process. The sticker is divided into two portions – red and blue. You are required first to peel off the top (red) portion and align it with the device. Once that’s done, you simply just peel off the larger blue area and apply the skin spat on the device. Zagg’s adhesive is usually very good and does not leave any residue, so don’t freak out if you did not get it right the first time around, you can easily do a re-try. The little cut-outs are a pain as always, so yes, to apply those, especially the tiny ones, will require a steady hand and a sizeable amount of patience.

The iPhone does look distinctive once the skin is up and in place. However, liking the material is all but subjective. Personally, I am no fan of the ‘alligator’ finish. Why would I want to don any of my devices in alligator skin? They aren’t exactly pretty animals. Since the LEATHERskin is thin, it does feel a bit…cheap and filmsy. Of course, this is a necessary doing to maintain slimness of the iPhone. The roughness of the skin adds a bit of grip but gets as slippery in wet hands as iPhone’s glass (plus makes worry if the material might get spoiled over time).

And the risk of sound like a typecast-er, this particular LEATHERskin will mostly appeal to females that also use their iPhone as a fashion accessory and statement of style. This particular finish needs to be ‘carried off’, ‘matched’ by something else. In that, the LEATHERskin has its own audience and is certainly well made for them.

Love: Should protect from scratches, good fit, strong adhesive

Hate: ugh, alligator!, can get slippery, may get spoiled over time

Rating: 3/5


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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