Interview with THQ’s Mike McTyre about WWE: All Stars

By on February 23, 2011

“We spent copious hours researching wrestlers to make them feel different.”

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At THQ’s New York event, I chatted with Mike McTyre, Producer at THQ San Diego about WWE: All Stars, a game that doesn’t follow any wrestling games that we’ve seen so far. While it may seem risky for THQ to develop a game that strays from the path of its previous wrestling titles, Mike was confident that the game will draw both new and loyal wrestling fans to give it a shot.

Mike McTyre, Producer at THQ.

WWE:All Stars sees gamers being able to choose from a huge roster of both current and legendary wrestlers. Can you let us in on some of the talent that will be available?

I can tell you about some of the character’s we are showing today – we have every class represented on show today, so from the Brawler class we have The Rock, John Cena, and Shamus. From the Acrobats we have John Morrison, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, and Kofi Kingston. On the Grapplers side we’re showing Bret the Hitman Heart and Triple H, and on the Big Men we have Andre the Giant and Big Show.

How did the studio go about ensuring that both the look and the personality of each wrestler was captured perfectly in-game?

That was a huge challenge and a lot of hard work! We have some very hardcore WWE fans in the team who have been fans longer than I can remember, and several of them on the design staff spent copious hours researching each wrestler, their move set, finding YouTube videos, so that each character feels different when you play the game, but stays true to their real-life persona.

At E3 we saw gameplay footage where some over-the-top moves were executed by The Rock – how easy is it going to be to pull these off?

The basic strikes and combos in the game can be executed fairly easily with a few button presses. To pull off the signature moves it’s a simple button press of the X and A or the Y and B buttons, and these of course vary with each wrestler. The finishing move you have to charge up first, and assuming you don’t get interrupted by your opponent, you can unleash it for a devastating finish.

Now the gameplay in WWE:Allstars is different from past wrestling games in that the gameplay is of course very over the top and exaggerated. What kind of decision process was involved in choosing to make a game that is so different from previous ones?

When the team first started on the project, it wasn’t so crystal-clear to us. It took a lot of discussion and debate to get to the product that we have today. We wanted to make something different, something unique that would stand out on its own, and in doing so we really had to look at how wrestling games have changed throughout the ages to find the parts we liked. We also looked at fighting games to pick out elements of the gameplay that we liked, and then blending the two into what you see today.

What kind of match types and multiplayer will be available to play when the game is released?

I can’t talk too much about all the features and modes just yet, but we will have an advanced Create a Superstar mode in the game as well as comprehensive multiplayer options and DLC.

Can you give us any teasers for the DLC planned for the game?

I can tell you that the first DLC to be released will include Ted Dibiase and his father The Million Dollar Man as unique characters with their own signature moves to add to the game.


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