Final Fantasy III headed to the iPhone on March

By on February 22, 2011

More RPG treats from Square Enix to iOS holders.

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Square Enix has revealed on Facebook that its classic role-playing title, Final Fantasy III, is inbound to Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch sometime next month.

The publisher made the official reveal recently in the form of a new teaser site for the game, which seems arranged to be updated as soon as the release date approaches.

The classic RPG was recently re-created for Nintendo’s handheld the DS, which had revamped graphics and interface in comparison to the original game. However, it’s not clear as of yet whether Square plans to port the DS version or the original classic when it goes on sale in the App Store, our fingers are crossed for the DS version, hopefully.

The date was set for a Japanese release on March, although the English edition could arrive fairly quickly, as Square Enix might re-use the old translations.


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