Razer Banshee StarCraft II Headset Review

By on February 19, 2011

Big, powerful, brilliant.

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First Impressions
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The Razer StarCraft II Marauder keyboard and Spectre mouse may go hand in hand, but the Banshee headset totally completes this one of a kind set. The first thing you’ll notice is that unlike the Marauder keyboard and Spectre mouse, the Banshee headset is designed to be larger than life. It is, in no way, subtle.

Everything from the ear cups to the headband is huge, the mic is short and sturdy, but its boom is also thick. Oh, and then there are all those LEDs. The three curved strokes on the four corners of the Marauder of either side of the Spectre are also present on each ear cup, along with the StarCraft II logo and the underglow LED strip which washes your shoulders in angelic blue lights while playing in the dark.

The left ear cup has the mic boom attachment along with the mic volume controls and mute button. The right side has the headphones volume control along with the complementary mute button. The cloth padding on the headband and the ear cups are not only huge (and comfortable), they’re also, unfortunately, magnets for dust and lint. Completing out the whole Terran look of the Banshee headset are the metal bands on which the ear cups extend outside of the headband.

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