Test Drive Unlimited 2 patch coming 2 weeks from now

By on February 19, 2011

“Issues being dealt with,” says Namco Bandai.

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A patch for Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be released soon to address various issues the open-world racer encountered since its launch.

The announcement was made by Namco Bandai marketing director, Lee Kirton, who tweeted; “Patch for #tdu2 coming in two weeks. Issues are being dealt with.”

Developer Eden Games outlined the improvements and contents of the next update, when it goes live two weeks from now.

Patch will:

  • Improve login process to allow a higher volume of successful connections
  • Increase online stability across all multiplayer functionality
  • Address issues related to file corruption
  • Enable Club and MyTDULife functionality
  • Enable Co-Op races
  • Enable weather while offline
  • Address an issue where players can get a Lancia which has no car data (the patch should prevent this from occurring in the future, and restore players who are currently affected by the issue)

MEG’s Arjun Narendar awarded the game an 8/10 score, writing “Not without its issues, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is definitely a step forward for the series”.


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  • Xxtupawxx

    two weeks from now is unexceptable. the game has been out for two weeks already. i am one of many who preordered this atrocity of a game and atari feels it not necesary to comp anyone…. lol they hope to have it working a month after its release, thats just absurd. does anyone remember how the game industry almost ended, and why. well let me tell you, the market was flooded with garbage ass games, and the consumer was fed up. we are heading thay way again, as the corporate leaders find it more profitable to skip beta testing and just rush a extremely flawed game out. and then patch it later. what about people that dont have xbox live or internet connections. what they just have to deal with a horrible game. not to mention all they did was add a smaller island. and how come no bikes, and why is there less cars and dealers, ill tell you why, cause these greedy fucks would rather have you pay for content that should have already been in the game. this is supposed to be a sequel, they have had 6 years to make it. no update in graphics, no update in physics, and less content. all they did was add a smaller map. this is more like a $50 add on. and a horrible one at that. DONT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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