Razer Spectre StarCraft II Mouse Review

By on February 18, 2011

Too small, but just right.

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I’ve already gone in depth about Razer’s StarCraft II Marauder keyboard, and found it to be quite a capable keyboard indeed; now let’s take a look at its partner in crime, the Spectre mouse.

The Razer Spectre gaming mouse is surprisingly small, no doubt keeping within the same design philosophy as the Marauder keyboard’s compact form. In recent history the only other gaming mouse I have reviewed that was this small was the TRON mouse. Unlike the TRON mouse though, the Spectre is raised at the rear, for a more fulfilling grip in the hands.

While the Spectre looks to be ambidextrous in design, do note that the “Forward & Backward” buttons are only available on the left side, making this a right-handed mouse in most cases. Like the Marauder, the Spectre also has angled edges, but more than just simply being of aesthetic appeal, these angles are actually practical. They’re practical in the sense that the edges are shaped to allow for various types of grips on the mouse.

The lighting on the both the left and right sides are similar to that of the Marauder (where it had these curved cuts at all four corners. The StarCraft II logo glows slightly more purple (compared to the true blue of the Marauder), but the underglow is the same.

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