Shogun 2 trailer shows multiplayer

By on February 18, 2011

A multiplayer overview at SEGA’s strategy war game.

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SEGA and The Creative Assembly have released a new trailer for upcoming real-time strategy, Total War: Shogun 2, detailing the online multiplayer feature of the game.

Shogun 2 is set aftermath of the Omin War in the 16th-century of during feudal Japan. The title features real-time and turn-based strategy gameplay, which is a staple of the Total War series. However, Shogun 2 promises to have new improvements over past installments.

A Shogun 2 demo is planned by SEGA, and will be released on Steam next Monday on February 22. The demo will allow players to choose Japanese warriors to go through “epic land battles and on Total War: Shogun 2′s gorgeous new campaign map,” the publisher says.  Total War: Shogun 2 releases on March 15 for PC. Check the video below.


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