Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review

By on February 14, 2011

The fighting genre at its best.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

There are generally two ways you can improve a product. One way is to undergo a major overhaul. Take a product and give it a complete reboot making it bigger and much better than ever before. Street Fighter 4 is a good example of such a drastic improvement. Marvel vs Capcom on the other hand takes more of a subtle improvement approach. It’s not looking to change things dramatically – it’s a great franchise that’s looking to take what’s good and make it even better.

The game consists of over 32 playable characters from the worlds of Marvel and Capcom. On the Capcom side, the character roster includes Street Fighter faves such as Ryu and Chun Li, Dante from Devil May Cry, Morrigan and Felicia from Dark Stalkers among others. On the Marvel side, you have Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, She Hulk and whole lot more. In addition to the massive line-up you have access to in the beginning of the game, you can also unlock hidden characters by finishing the game.

One thing that’s obvious is that this game has been made for fighting game purists. If you’ve spent hundreds of Dirhams on arcade machines playing the first Marvel vs Capcom, you’ll love everything about this game. Battles consist of three on three matches where you can select three characters from either the Marvel or Capcom universe. Matches are one-on-one and you can either call on your team mates for assist during battles or switch characters if you are down on health.

Matches can be played in either simple or normal control mode. Normal mode requires you to perform power moves the traditional way. For instance, a quarter circle forward and punch would let lose a Hadoken from Ryu. On the other hand, the simple mode means you can simply press one button and perform a power move. Use the front key and press the same button and you’ll get another power move. It’s pretty much every power move dumbed down to press a direction plus a button. Another button performs a super power move which is dependent on how much of your power bar is filled up.

One button moves are a great way to get beginners introduced to the game but being a gaming veteran, it does make me feel a bit cheated. Having taken time to learn and perfect a move, you have absolute newbies pressing one button and performing power moves all the time. It certainly cheapens the achievement of learning all the moves in normal mode. Thankfully though, the game is pretty challenging even on simple mode. It’s not just about pulling off power moves all the time – it’s about timing it perfectly, chaining it with amazing combos and using assists at the right time.

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The Scorecard
Button mashing, combo busting manic fighting action. This is what fighting games are all about.
Comic book style art that remains true to the series.
Pleasantly atmospheric with English and Japanese voices.
Unlockable characters, competitive online play and an infinite number of combos to master. Enough to keep you hooked for ages.
Two player games don't get better than this.
A brilliant sequel to Marvel vs Capcom 2. Fighting game purists are going to love this one.


Hitesh is a tech/games journalist and Business Development Manager for the Tbreak Network.

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  • UnlimitedpOwer

    I like most of your review. You really hit home with the main points I was looking for about this game. However, I just have to say, MvC3 is not a beat-em-up game. It is a Fighting game.'em_up
    “Beat ‘em up (also known as brawler) is a video game genre featuring melee combat between the protagonist and a large number of (usually) underpowered antagonists.”
    “Fighting game is a video game genre where the player controls an on-screen character and engages in close combat with an opponent. These characters tend to be of equal power and fight matches consisting of several rounds, which take place in an arena.”

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