Epic Games: No plans for Gears of War 3 PS3

By on February 10, 2011

“Not going to happen anytime soon.” says Bleszinski.

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Fans of the third-person shooter game can learn that Epic Games doesn’t have plans to make a PlayStation 3 version of Gears of War 3.

In the words of Design Director Cliff Bleszinski its not “going to happen anytime soon.” explaining how Microsoft obviously had an exclusive deal that is too good to resist.

Speaking to electricpig.co.uk, Bleszinski bluntly added, “I think our current set with Microsoft dictates that for us internally it makes more sense for Gears to remain a 360 franchise for the foreseeable future…plus I don’t like the PlayStation 3 controller.”

It’s clearly evident now that Gears of War fans must have Microsoft’s console to play the next installment of the franchise.


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  • Deztroyer

    I can live without Gears of War period.

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