Blog: Welcome to the Stereoscopic World

By on February 9, 2011

Double vision is all the rage now.

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With the technology industry skyrocketing to new heights at absurd speeds month after month and year after year, we see new products and services emerge at blisteringly fast paces. The extraordinary ones manage to leave a long-lasting mark of awesomeness in our otherwise ordinary lives, while the not-so-extraordinary ones just crash, burn, and fade from memory swiftly. And one such “product” (if you can call it so) that’s the topic of much debate, excitement, and hype these days is, of course, stereoscopic vision – known more simply as “3-D” amongst the general masses. Having once been a thing of the past, it’s now back again in full force, vying for everybody’s attention in a bid to snatch up all the glory and hog the limelight that its technically inferior counterpart of the yesteryears failed to bask in before meeting an untimely demise. It started out in cinema, as did the old concept of 3D, but this time around, its managed to make a huge leap and sink its hooks in to the much more lucrative, highly successful industry of electronic entertainment – gaming. And before you know it, 3D vision is gearing up to be the next best, biggest and most innovative concept in all things video games. Yup, it ain’t about motion-controlled devices or bleeding-edge graphics any more, kids. It’s about dismembered limbs being able to fly out the screen and virtually smack you in the face now. Fun times.

There’s a catch here, though, and there always is one with new innovations, especially of the technological variety. As I previously mentioned, you can either strike gold or go totally bust when trying to pull off something new and relatively uncommon on a bunch of highly expectant people, and I personally think that no other bit of innovation in the gaming industry till date would have undergone as much scrutiny and extensive examination as the concept of 3D vision will. A quick online search on the topic, and you’ll find thousands of differing opinions and levels of acceptance, along with picking up a few new words to add to the “18+” section of your vocab. People are judgmental about 3D gaming based on what they’ve seen in 3D cinema, and while I myself don’t blame them entirely, I’m not one to go around town rabidly screaming negativities about it before I get to try it out and see for myself.

What I do have my apprehensions about, though, is the effect (read that as “strain”) 3D vision has on the human body – or mind, more appropriately. A lot of people, myself included, can’t stand prolonged exposure to the effect, and others can’t stand it at all. On the surface, we might feel the strain on our eyes or complain of mild headaches, but underneath the hood, it’s actually our gray cells that are paying the price, according to numerous research studies. Oh and that doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of sissies – you folks who claim to feel no side-effects of viewing 3D are still having your gray matter scrambled anyway – you just won’t feel it happening like the rest of us. Lucky you? I don’t think so, but hey, each one to their own, huh?

3D vision has made a big comeback from the netherworld, there’s no mistaking the fact, but this time, it looks like it’s here to stay. Far from being confined to just cinema screens, this little bit of mind-boggling (literally!) technology is preparing to soon invade our everyday lives. The advent of 3D-capable laptops, HDTVs, consoles, and handhelds is being heralded and welcomed as the next big thing the world over. So, what’ll it be? A boon? A bane? A luxury for the rich and spoilt? A nefarious mind control device? That’s a question we can’t answer at this point – only time will tell whether this  supposedly wonderful technical accomplishment is welcome to stay or destined to die all over again.


Loves video games lots, but loves video game development even more. Has a Bachelor's degree in the field, yet the technical complexity behind those billions of interactive pixels boggles his mind. His brain will either conjure up the next best game or turn into gravy in 5 years time.

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