Hands-on: Stacking is adorable

By on February 2, 2011

Double Fine stacks to new heights.

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I had a chance to ‘toy around’ last week with a new game from Double Fine and THQ, entitled ‘Stacking’. Honestly speaking I didn’t know what to expect when I started up the game and was greeted by a 2-inch figurine at the main character. But after a few precious moments with the game, I was squealing with delight at just how adorable the game is

Stacking involves one concept: the Russian Matryoshka, or nesting doll. You play as Charlie Blackmore, the smallest nesting doll in the game, who is on a quest to rescue his family who have been put into work by an evil industrialist. The concept of the game is brutally (get it?) simple – the game is populated with other nesting dolls of different sizes, and if you creep up behind a doll that is one size larger than you, you can quickly stack into it. After you’ve stacked into a doll, you can use its unique abilities to solve various puzzles in the game – these abilities range from seduction and giving orders, to even burping and slapping other dolls. It’s all a bit of harmless fun to start with, but the puzzles in the levels can get quite crafty, and the beauty of them is that there is more than one way to solve a puzzle –discover all solutions to a puzzle and get rewarded with nifty little treats and unlockables..it’s the game that keeps on giving!

The other thing that really stands out is the game’s presentation. It’s done in a very 1930s art style, and the storyline is helped along by ‘silent film’ montages, with characters acting on screen and text placards filling the screen. It’s an adorable concept that has been executed beautifully, and the attention to detail of the dolls and level design is just mind-blowing.

Stacking will be available for download on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.


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