More Final Fantasy Versus XIII details revealed

By on February 1, 2011

Nomura reveals some insightful Versus XIII info.

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Last month, Square Enix released at their first Production Department event a thrilling trailer setting out numerous gameplay and cutscene elements of the other “XIII” project, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Now, Director Tetsuya Nomura shares a lot of intriguing new information and details on the awaited RPG title.

Speaking to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Nomura came clean with some astonishing facts about the game and its recently released trailer. For instance, almost the entire footage shown in the video was in-game. The opening piece, which showed Noctis and his driver, was pre-rendered. However, everything else was part of the game’s engine.

Most of the characters shown in the video offer us a glimpse at the game’s story path. Moreover, Nomura said that the ally clothing has been redone. He added that at some point in the trailer, there’s that scene in first person view. Nomura explained that this is an event scene from Noctis’ youth, and players can control it.

The director further discussed the gameplay element of the RPG. He sums that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has a battle system similar to Kingdom Hearts, and characters carry out actions in real-time once a command is selected.

The following and other massive synopsis of the interview can be found at andriasang. Be sure to check it out as it contains some highly recommended bits of information.


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