The Godfather Review

By on September 8, 2006

EA comes up with a game you can’t refuse


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First Impressions
My reaction is

The Godfather was easily one of the best movies ever made. Now the rich guns at EA have taken hold of the license for the movie and have come up with a game that will keep you occupied for days. Many game developers have tried to make games like Grand Theft Auto, but very few have made an impression. EA has the cash and the skill, so let’s see how they have fared.

When you start the game, the intro music from the movie plays which sends you down memory lane and you get to create your own character. This alone will take you some time as there are loads of options to choose from. After you’re done the story unfolds with the wedding. EA had the opportunity to work with the late Marlon Brando who has done a great job as the Don. You stare in awe as you see your character standing next to the Don. This makes you feel like you’re in the game and have a major role to play. Initially you are taught the basic moves and combat techniques. The learning curve may tend to be a bit frustrating at first but don’t let this put you off. While fighting with your fists, you can grapple a person and moving the analog stick you can perform blows to various parts of the body. This lets you have full control over your combat. While shooting, you can aim closely and target various parts like the knee, elbows, etc. and this gives you reward points which you can use to unlock various goodies. The target shooting can be fun to experiment with and in some situations can be crucial for your survival.

While playing the game, you can either concentrate on the story alone which will take you around 20 hours to complete or you can go around the city and take over the shops and become the new Don of New York. The capturing stores method is a good way of getting cash and adds to the length of the game. Basically you go into a store and speak to the manager. If he doesn’t approve then you can either threaten him by damaging his store or beating him up. Some stores may have rackets which are a side business and you get your share of the profit. The whole of New York is divided into five territories and if you go into another territory and try to take over a store expect some resistance. There maybe a cop or two nearby but they can bribed to do you favors like look the other way when you beat the living hell out of a person.
The story missions are fun to play especially the mission where you have to stealthily take a horse head and place it in the bedroom. Another fun mission was guarding the Don in the hospital. There is a respect system built into the game. When you bump into any of the NPCs at the start of the game they will shout one-liners about your clothing or your rudeness. But as you progress and start taking over stores, the people around you fear you and give you the respect you deserve. Some parts of the main movie have not been included in the game like when Michael goes to Italy and many more. EA could not get Al Pacino to sign up as he was busy with Scarface. This may numb the feel of the game but not that much. The AI of the game is good too. They find cover when fired at and will even try to sneak up behind you in some cases. EA has done a great job in trying to create a 1950s feel. The cars, the weapons, etc., all feel like they have come from that era. Driving a car in the city of New York can be a wonderful experience. Cars around you respond when you blow your horn and sometimes when you hit another car, sparks fly and look really good. Even the crashes look real as your engine catches fire and blows up right after. 

The graphics look top notch, especially the character models that look very real, except for Michael. The streets of New York have that bland feel to it especially the back alleys whereas the parks look amazing with the luscious greenery. On the Xbox there is a solid 30 fps which looks amazing. But the best graphics can be found on a good PC and the Xbox 360. The menus look good with loads of information too.
The sounds of the game are amazing especially the voice acting by most of the stars from the movie. The soundtrack has been taken from the movie and is really good to hear. Various sounds of the environments like guns shooting, cars driving and various chit chat have been done to perfection.
The game is good to play with its 50+ hours (if you count taking over New York), brilliant cast to lend their voices and a vast city to roam about. There are 100 small clips to unlock which will take you a long time. This is good if you haven’t seen the movie (but who hasn’t). It may not be a GTA killer but it’s definitely worth playing.

The Scorecard
Good story, taking over stores, big city to roam.
The Don looks like the Don from the movie, solid FPS.
Geat voice acting, environment sounds.
50+ hours to play through, sadly no multiplayer.
Geat movie, good game.


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