Homefront PC exclusive features revealed

By on January 31, 2011

PC version gets some extra love with full 3D support, and a number of extensive features.

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Developer Digital Extremes has revealed that the PC version of forthcoming THQ shooter Homefront will ship with full 3D support, and portion of exclusive features not available on its console counterparts.

The announcement of PC extra features were made via the game’s official site. Homefront PC will benefit from full 3D support, which will be optimized for Nvidia 3D Vision. The view of controlled vehicles can be switched from the first-person perspective cockpit to its third-person prospect.

Extra vehicle abilities have been added for co-pilots, such as Recon function to the scout helicopter. It was mentioned that joystick control is supported for all vehicles.

Digital Extremes also provided a practice mode for players to polish their skills before jumping right on to the war zone. Most importantly, the PC version gets a Squad Team Management system, with squad-based VOIP, as well as full Clan Support.

The PC developers also added three Helicopter control options:

  • Ace: Allows for the best maneuverability, but takes the most practice to master.
  • Veteran: Balanced difficulty and maneuverability.
  • Rookie: Pick-up-and-play level of difficulty, least maneuverable.

Homefront PC will be a Steam title. The game launches simultaneously alongside the Kaos Studios-developed Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions on March 11.


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