Sony: 3D has great potential, it’s just not right for portable devices

By on January 31, 2011

The company pushing stereoscopic 3D in games explains why the feature is absent from the announced NGP.

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Sony’s Next Generation Portable is without doubt one technological powerhouse thanks to its high specs and extensive quality features implemented in the system. However, one of the notable missing technologies is 3D.

Sony might be the company pushing 3D technology onto the market via its BRAVIA LCD TVs and PlayStation 3 games. Nevertheless, Sony Entertainment Europe boss, Andrew House, explained to Eurogamer why 3D support is absent from its forthcoming portable device, the NGP.

“We view 3D as having the greatest potential, in the near term, in what I would call a dedicated entertainment environment,” he said.

“And that’s in the home, around the television, and where it’s a shared experience. I think that’s really important. We struggle a little bit to see how that 3D, shared experience translates to portable devices as they currently stand.”

House revealed how Sony considered 3D at some point in the development process:

“In the development process, we had studied the possibility of introducing stereoscopic 3D feature to NGP, but decided not to install it. After careful consideration of our goal of offering users the ultimate portable entertainment experience with a revolutionary user interface we have decided to focus on the features and specs announced today first.

“SCE will continue to play an important role within Sony group by promoting 3D in tandem with Sony Corporation’s 3D compatible BRAVIA LCD TVs to deliver the sublime 3D entertainment in the living room and without having to go to the cinema. We will continue our effort to provide users with true 3D entertainment experience that only Sony can deliver.”

For full interview, check Eurogamer.


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