Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Review

By on September 8, 2006

Ubisoft’s modern warfare tactical-shooter G.R.A.W arrives on the PC.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

We can\’t say that the gameplay of G.R.A.W for PC, in comparison with the 360 counterpart, has totally changed due to the field of view and A.I, that is, in the PC version you play as first person shooter where as in 360 you play as close 3rd person shooter. As far as the gameplay is concerned, in few aspects the PC version is better and in few aspects the 360 version is better. We can at least conclude that a combination of both the versions could have produced perfect gameplay.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for PC comes with two multiplayer modes along with loads and loads of bugs (thanks to the patches).


Domination mode: fun to play and comes with five playable maps. More maps are available for download trough the Internet though. Co-op mode: this mode is simply hardcore as you play the same single-player campaign missions with no save points and total of four lives for the whole squad and if the team leader dies, it\’s GAME-OVER. Unfortunately, the PC version lacks depth in the multiplayer section as compared to the 360 version. If you are looking for online gaming then you are better off with the 360 version.

The second best thing after the graphics is sound. It really drags you in to the urban environment of the game. What really shines about the audio of G.R.A.W are the explosion of grenades, rocket launcher and the whizzing sound of the bullets passing you by. The sound of every rifle is different and the bullets hitting the wall, wood and metal makes different sounds on impact. If you have played the Xbox 360 version of the game then you will hear a lot of familiar voice acting in the game. Even the background music of the game is surprisingly good and adds-up to the whole atmosphere.

All in all, G.R.A.W is truly a hardcore tactical shooting experience with brilliant graphics, great audio, in-depth campaign, political plot and one huge Mexico City. But to get most out of the game, make sure your PC has enough power to run it.

There are few aspects of the game that may make you want to get the Xbox 360 version of the game like the sluggy A.I and thin multiplayer content and the requirements to run the game. A combination of both the versions could have produced a perfect game.

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The Scorecard
Revolutionary but slow-paced gameplay.
Amazing graphics with highly detailed environments.
Great sound effects with surprisingly good background music.
The multiplayer lacks depth and online play is bug filled
A decent tactical shooter with excellent single player but disappointing multiplayer


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