Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Review

By on September 8, 2006

Ubisoft’s modern warfare tactical-shooter G.R.A.W arrives on the PC.


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First Impressions
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Based in the near future, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (G.R.A.W), puts you in the shoes of an elite Ghost Recon squad captain named Scott Mitchell. The game kicks off in the city of Mexico where your task is to guard a summit between the leaders of America, Canada and Mexico. The Mexican rebels strike, killing the Canadian president and now it’s your job to rescue and secure the Presidents of America and Mexico.

Your job as captain is to lead a team of special forces armed with the latest technology. Throughout the single player mode you will explore the vast city of Mexico whilst taking down all the renegade soldiers, tanks and helicopters that come in your way. The dense urban environment of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for PC is even bigger, larger and more detailed than the Xbox 360 version, in which the environments are already extra spacious. Not only that, G.R.A.W for PC has massive maps and there better interaction with the Mexican rebels as the environments are larger and provide with more hiding spots than its 360 counter-part. So as long as the single player campaign is concerned, the PC version surpasses the 360 version in every aspect.

If we could sum up the graphics in one word, it would be ‘Superb’ (Yup! they are that good). It’s quite unbelievable how massive and real the city of Mexico looks; you have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate it. Throughout the campaign Mr. Scott takes many rides on a helicopter and if your PC has enough graphics power then you can actually see the furthest buildings engulfed in smoke and ashes. And the graphical improvements over the 360 version are not limited to the environments but also to the character models, gun models and shadowing. The movements of the characters are quite realistic as they shoot, walk, dive and take cover. Even the lip-sync is not bad but its still not as advanced as that of Half-life 2. The physics used in the game is also impressive.

G.R.A.W for PC is made by different developers than that of the 360 version and it’s based on a different engine. To run the game on a steady frame-rate and to see the graphics at its best you require a high-end PC.

The gameplay of G.R.A.W for PC is slightly different from the Xbox 360 version as the environments are more interactive and has a more user-friendly tactical map. The approach to the enemy A.I is different too. You have to be more precise at giving orders to your squad and tactical in your approach to bring the enemies down. G.R.A.W seems to focus on hardcore tactical shooter fans, so for newbies this game could be a real challenge even on normal mode since there is no quick save or manual save in the game. And when you die, you have to start all over from the last checkpoint, which can be really frustrating.

In G.R.A.W the character can do various things like sprint, dive to take cover, peek around corners, etc. You can choose from a dozen different equipments before the mission like rifles, grenades. However, the smoke grenade has been removed which was present in the 360 version.

Further more, the artificial intelligence in the game makes you feel like they were not built for this game because for such a large interactive environment, where enemies can be anywhere, the A.I just feels simply amateur. Moreover, you will be soon screaming, "WHAT THE HELL!" and "WTF?" once you have realized that your A.I teammates does not even move after taking a few shots from the enemy unless or until you order them to move. You will be giving out various commands to the A.I such as follow, hold position, attack, take cover and move to area. You have to utilize these commands perfectly to make the A.I efficient.

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The Scorecard
Revolutionary but slow-paced gameplay.
Amazing graphics with highly detailed environments.
Great sound effects with surprisingly good background music.
The multiplayer lacks depth and online play is bug filled
A decent tactical shooter with excellent single player but disappointing multiplayer


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