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By on January 29, 2011

Our coverage of the one-day spectacular that was GamesFest

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First Impressions
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The last tournament we held was for FIFA 11, and this got so much attention that at one point I contemplated using a megaphone to control the crowd of restless gamers. As matches progressed and the league table boiled down to the seasoned players, supporters began crowding around to support their favorite gamers. After some really close matches in the semi-finals and final rounds, we had our jubilant winners. Third place went to Mohammad Yousif with second place going to Khalid bin Kalban and first place going to Ibrahim Hassan – each of them won game hampers courtesy of EA and

FIFA 11 champions Ibrahim Hassan, Khalid bin Kalban, and Mohammed Yousif

Aside from the tournaments, there was still plenty to do at GamesFest. Sony were in full force with their games and drew plenty of gamers with the much-loved Little Big Planet 2. Playstation Move and Singstar Dance also got plenty of attention, and Motorstorm Apocalypse wowed the crowd with its phenomenal graphics and frantic gameplay. Gigabyte and Razer were also out in full force, showcasing killer PC setups running Need for Speed and Black Ops, as well as showcasing some ergonomic gamepads and PC equipment. Nintendo was in full force too, entertaining the crowds with Mario Kart and garnering a lot of attention on the Wii balance boards. They also showcased the cherry red Wii, which might look too garish in pictures, but is soothingly pleasing in flesh. Western Digital were also on hand to show off some of their blazing new Raptor hard drives.

We were also happy to welcome the Dubai Anime Club, who came armed in some killer costumes to promote their love for anime, and also tell people about the Middle East Film and Comic Con happening in the coming months. The event had Master Chief and Lara Croft join us at one point, which certainly took the gamers by surprise!

Amongst all the action there were two gems to be found – we were lucky enough to have THQ set up a demo build of their much talked about FPS Homefront, which got plenty of attention from our eager gamers. And tucked away in a silent corner was the impressive Dead Space 2, scaring us just as easily as it did the first time around.

All throughout the day, all I saw were gamers of all ages and experience levels picking up controllers and jumping into games as if they were right at home. We had to start pulling people away from the TVs when we started wrapping up at 10pm, they were that reluctant to leave. But at the end of it all, GamesFest was not only a huge success thanks to our great sponsors, but also because of the hundreds of gamers who showed up throughout the day to get in on some gaming fun. As one of our T-shirts so rightly said, Achievement Unlocked: Gamesfest Conquered.

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A former IT & Marketing Manager turned full time Editor, Nick enjoys hurling fireballs and tinkering with the latest gadgets. Follow him on Twitter as @theregos

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  • Abbas Jaffar Ali

    "Massive" seems too small of a word to descrive the picture gallery- I don't think I had this many pictures taken at my wedding.

  • Nick Rego

    That's because you didn't hire me to do photography for your wedding! ;-)

  • Tharindu Gunatilake

    Had a lot of Fun. Can't wait for the next one :D

  • Tharindu Gunatilake

    Oh and you're right Ali that is a lot of Pictures.

  • Mufaddal Fakhruddin

    Guess who's featured in only one picture?

    It's like i wasn't even there. :( Nice work NICK.

  • Nick Rego

    ^^ That's coz you had your back to me everytime I wanted to take a photo!!

  • Gunman

    haha ^_^ yea alooooooooot of pictures.
    I can't believe how smoothly the whole tournament ran. (big props to Taimoor and the rest of the megamers crew for that).

  • @KhalifaBinhendi

    Had lots of fun :D

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