GamesFest at Living Rooms Cafe

By on January 29, 2011

Our coverage of the one-day spectacular that was GamesFest

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This weekend Sony Playstation in association with launched GamesFest – a one day gaming event packed with new game releases, tournaments, and even some exclusive game demos that had never been seen before in the region.

GamesFest kicked off at Living Rooms Video Games Cafe in Dubai Festival City, a haven for those who don’t have the luxury of their own next-gen console, but still want to play the latest games. With couches, consoles, and HD TVs everywhere, it was the perfect venue for GamesFest. Even before we had formally started the event, gamers were trickling into the venue, eager to get their hands on some of the games or participate in the tournaments. By early afternoon things were in full swing, led by the crowd-pulling Starcraft II tournament. Proudly run on spectacular PCs provided by Gigabyte and Western Digital, gamers spent no time building up their bases and going after their opponents in some truly remarkable battles. In the end though, there can only be one winner, and in first place was Feroz Riaz who won a state of the art PC from Gigabyte.

SC II players pose with winners Feroz Riaz

Our next tournament was Call Of Duty: Black Ops on the PC, and from the get-go the action was unbelievable. Grenades flew everywhere, snipers took their positions, and shouts of both celebration and disappointment could be heard as round by round the players were eliminated. We had 30 players registered for Black Ops but in a short span of time the champions began to emerge, until it was down to a frenzied 6 player shoot out to the finale. This was swiftly concluded with the victor being Tharindu Gunatilake in first place, who won an impressive PC from Gigabyte. Honorable mentions go to Simon Abraham in second place, who won high-end graphics card.

Black Ops winners Tharindu Gunatilake and Simon Abraham.

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  • Abbas Jaffar Ali

    "Massive" seems too small of a word to descrive the picture gallery- I don't think I had this many pictures taken at my wedding.

  • Nick Rego

    That's because you didn't hire me to do photography for your wedding! ;-)

  • Tharindu Gunatilake

    Had a lot of Fun. Can't wait for the next one :D

  • Tharindu Gunatilake

    Oh and you're right Ali that is a lot of Pictures.

  • Mufaddal Fakhruddin

    Guess who's featured in only one picture?

    It's like i wasn't even there. :( Nice work NICK.

  • Nick Rego

    ^^ That's coz you had your back to me everytime I wanted to take a photo!!

  • Gunman

    haha ^_^ yea alooooooooot of pictures.
    I can't believe how smoothly the whole tournament ran. (big props to Taimoor and the rest of the megamers crew for that).

  • @KhalifaBinhendi

    Had lots of fun :D

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