Final Fantasy Versus XIII new details emerged

By on January 26, 2011

Fresh information leaked out straight from last week’s Square Enix event.

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PS3Center posted some new details regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII that supposedly leaked out from last week’s event held by Square Enix.

- Noctis, who is the main character, is actually a prince. His father is the king of the “country that possesses the world’s only crystal.”

-The full name of Noctis is Noctis Lucius Caelum, and Stella’s name is Stella Knox Fleuret, who is a princess.

-There is a scene where Noctis’ father says that he “cannot become king,” so the story may be based around this concept. Noctis may be trying to overthrow his father for some reason.

-Although you only control one character, you can change between characters. Therefore, you won’t be able to control him all the time.

- The game has a large number of weapons. Noctis can use them all.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a PlayStation 3 exclusive with no confirmed release date as of yet. More details are expected to arise as the development of the title is going on really well according to Square Enix.


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