Rumor: PSP2 will have OLED screen, 3G

By on January 24, 2011

Is Sony pulling of an Apple?

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Japan’s reliable news paper (well, mostly) Nikkei has some fresh bout of news pertaining to Sony’s still underwraps-but-not-really Playstation Portable 2.

The newspaper reports that the game system will feature a an OLED screen and 3G connectivity from NTT Docomo, which will allow multiplayer gaming, video watching and game downloading. Nikkei also confirms that the screen will be ‘physically larger’, and the system will support Xbox 1 quality graphics thanks to an iPhone-equal GPU.

With the barrage of information that comes in every other day, I am having a feeling that Sony is trying to pull off an Apple by offering two similar…nay, exactly the same products with one major difference – one will not be able to make calls. Guess which one is that.

Source: Nikkei.


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