GOG adds Activision’s Police Quest and Zork

By on January 19, 2011

GOG.com revives two great adventure game series from Activision.

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GOG.com (http://www.gog.com), the prominent purveyor of playable PC products of the past, has gathered more great Activision classics to its ever-growing catalog. The consummate crime-fighting adventure series, Police Quest and the landmark text adventures of the Zork series are among a range of fantastic Activision titles coming to GOG.com in the next few weeks.

Gamers looking to unleash their inner detective need look no further than GOG.com’s bundle of Police Quest 1, 2, 3 and 4, available now for just $9.99. In Police Quest 1 through 3 players step into the shoes of officer-turned-detective-turned-undercover-officer, Sonny Bonds, as he delves deep into the criminal underworld to solve a series of crimes in the fictional town of Lytton. The fourth installment, Police Quest: Open Season has players tracking down a serial murderer in Los Angeles in a story packed with mature themes uncommon in games of its time.

Zork Anthology–available now as well–is another bargain for adventure fans, with six classic text adventures dating as far back as the 80s — the first five Zork games, as well as Planetfall — for the price of one. The original Zork, developed by a group at MIT who went on to found Infocom, was one of the very first interactive, story-driven computer games, and laid the groundwork for the adventure genre. Zork Anthology is now available on GOG.com for $5.99.

For more information visit http://gog.com.


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