Spirits for iPad Review

By on January 18, 2011

A beautiful puzzler for your iPad.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Playing Spirits on the iPad instantly reminded me of a classic- Lemmings. Some of you might be too old to remember this 1991 game developed by DMA Design (which has now become Rockstar North.) Very much like Lemmings, this new platformer by Spaces of Play has you guiding Spirits to their destination.

Making through the levels obviously requires some kind of strategy and thus, you have four actions at your disposal- Grow to create a plant (staircase) to climb, dig to dig into the ground, blow to add wind and finally block to remove wind. Helpful yet hard to master, the “wind” can be the player’s friend and enemy at the same time. When the spirits reach the edge of a cliff or a leaf, they will jump up in the air and fly with the wind.

Weighing in at roughly 40MB, Spirits crashed the first time I launched it on my iPad, however, it worked every other time. Like Lemmings, you don’t control the movement of the Spirits as they follow a path on their own. However, tapping on a Spirit pauses that particular Spirit and allows you to issue an action which consumes the Spirit but paves the way for the ones following. Besides guiding Spirits to their destination, you can pick up plants along withe way to gain points. Needless to say, there is nothing revolutionary about Spirits as far as the concept is concerned.

As with most games, the first few levels serve as a tutorial to get you comfortable with the different actions. This makes Spirit very easy to get into without making you feel lost. The game becomes progressively challenging and some of the later levels will make you scratch your head. In total, there are 40 levels for you to conquer. Spaces of Play has made controls responsive enough to work exactly the way you want them to making playing the game a fun and not a frustrating experience.

Graphically, the game takes a very minimalist approach that works perfectly. Almost all the levels are a combination of black, orange and blue with the Spirits in white. It kinda reminded me of Limbo on XBox- artistically left bland. The physics of the wind are also beautifully created giving the whole game a very atmospheric effect.

Overall, Spirits is a wonderful title if you like puzzle/platform games. Its available on the iPhone as well as the iPad for $4.99. Currently the game is on sale at $2.99 making it a steal.

The Scorecard
Simple to get into hard to get out of.
Beautiful and atmospheric.
Not something that would leave with you, but suits the game nonetheless.
40 levels should keep you occupied for a while.
This is one for those who like to utilize their brain cells.
Spirits keeps you engrossed with its beautiful graphics and puzzling gamely.


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