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By on October 20, 2006

Fight the war of the future – today!


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First Impressions
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I’ve yet to play a game that paints the Earth’s future in a positive way. There’s always an alien invasion, nuclear explosion, natural disaster, or some other grim ending. Staying true to this drama, Battlefield 2142 narrates that the earth is slowly heading into an ice age, and it’s now every man for himself.

As evacuations takes place across Europe and people head towards the habitable areas of North Africa, tensions erupt over the last few areas of land. The game involves two forces – the European Union and the Pan Asian Coalition. Though the battles take place in the year 2412, the developers haven’t gone completely mad and included levitating infantry or other ‘futuristic’ units. Instead, weapons and units are rendered as improved version of current generation technology, rather than to go overboard with the whole future look.

Battlefield 2142 plays very much like the last instalment, so fans will feel right at home with this game. The game has a standard single-player scenario, where you can command infantry units and summon reinforcements to the battlefield. Each side has similar yet unique units, some armed with deadly firepower and accuracy. As you progress through the game, you can improve your character by unlocking various types of armour and artillery, so all the hours you put into this game are worth it in the end. There are tons of unlockable items, but sadly the further on your progress, the more points you have to earn and spend to unlock some of the more valuable items. Still, this player reward scheme seems to play out well during the course of the game.

Apart from a good single-player mode, the game excels with its multiplayer modes. The Conquest mode allows players to go head to head, with each player receiving a certain number of tickets are the start of the round. As your units are defeated, you begin to lose tickets, or if certain control points on the map are held by the enemy for a certain duration. But certainly where Battlefield 2142 aces the multiplayer mode is with the introduction of Titan mode. In this mode, each side is given a huge armoured warship, known as a Titan. Scattered around the map are various missile silos, which can weaken and damage a Titan’s shield. Once the shield has been depleted, you have to board the Titan and carry the battle on inside. If you manage to blow up the four security terminals on board, you blow up the Titan. This can lead to some intense and frantic gameplay as players scramble to control the missile silos and bring down the enemy Titan.

Graphically, the game doesn’t bring any major upgrades, since it’s still using the same engine from Battlefield 2. Still, the environments look really good, and unit animations and effects are pulled off well. The constant dialogue being heard from your team mates helps to add to the atmosphere of the game, and a pretty decent background soundtrack wraps up the audio department. Weirdly enough, the game has a rather bizarre tweak to it, which is in-game advertising. As you play through the various levels, empty billboards dynamically change to advertise products available in real life. This has caused much discussion, and the game has even labelled to be spyware. Still, if you’re willing to overlook this tiny detail, the game plays well without any interruptions.

Battlefield 2142 is a great game, with fast-paced multiplayer action and exciting rewards system. Though the game doesn’t bring anything remarkably new to the series. The new Titan mode adds a fantastic element of excitement to the multiplayer mode. If you’re looking for a good action game for both single and multiplayer, then this is the one for you.

The Scorecard
Good singleplayer mode, but the game really heats up in multiplayer mode. Reward system really makes the long playing hours worth it.
Even though it uses an older graphics engine, the game still looks good and runs smoothly.
Really good background accompaniment and team audio makes you feel like you are part of the action.
A solid game in the series, and not too complex for new players to pick up.
The Titan mode is real nail-biting exciting with some terrific gameplay.
Battlefield 2142 is a great addition to the series, and promises plenty of worth for the long hours you put in.


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