Cut The Rope Review

By on January 16, 2011

Ropes you in for a jolly good puzzle-solving time.

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First Impressions
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As we’ve all come to witness, physics-driven casual games are all the rage nowadays, and the use of these real-world mechanics of gravity, force, momentum and whatnot clearly bring out the best in games belonging to the puzzle genre. And this fact applies equally well to casual mobile games too, as the talented dev team at ZeptoLab will prove to you with their physics-based puzzle romp, Cut The Rope. And that title couldn’t be more apt, as it spells out in simple terms what you’ll be doing for the entirety of the game – cutting through little bits of rope.

How utterly boring, I hear you say? You couldn’t possibly be any more alienated from reality in that case, because the game is anything but that. Let’s take it step by step, shall we? The game features 125 levels across 5 level packs (more to come in future updates), and each one challenges you to get a piece of candy hanging from some rope to the cute little green monster, Om Nom, who is perched on one of four sides of the screen. You do so by simply cutting through the rope with a swipe of your finger, thereby causing the candy to eventually descend (or ascend, in many cases) into the little guy’s hungry mouth. Like most physics-based games, the objective seems insanely simple, but its accomplishment is just that much harder in reality, thanks to several challenging obstacles that threaten to destroy or even steal the little fellow’s sugary treat. Spikes, empty spaces, and little spiders all await you in each of the levels, and they’ll ensure the loss of your candy if you’re not quick and nimble with your fingers.

The highlight of the game is, of course, the sheer variety and deviousness of the levels on offer. Sure, it starts off simply enough, and each new component is introduced gradually, but the game definitely doesn’t believe in taking it easy on you. You see, getting the candy to Om Nom is the main objective, but not the only one you should be concerned about if you wish to rack up big on the scoreboard. Each level also contains three gold stars, and you’re expected to collect these with the piece of candy, and then get it to Om Nom in the shortest possible time. And that’s where the clever level design really piles on the challenge. In addition to using some helpful props like bubbles, air cushions, hooks, additional bits of rope and more, many levels will require extremely quick thinking and lightning fast reflexes to combat the devious traps and obstacles and ultimately yield high scores. The levels in each pack get progressively harder from beginning to end, and thus, the sense of accomplishment derived from completing a level with all three stars gets progressively bigger and better. The game is easy to pick up and play casually for a few minutes, or seriously for a few hours, as it maintains a solid balance on the difficulty scale and is capable of giving your gray matter a fun and engaging workout.

The game’s plus points don’t only hold good for the solid gameplay, but extend to the audio-visual department too. The phyics, though simple and minimal, are very precisely executed, and the rope behaviour and animation is smooth too. The game sports a very colourful, cartoony look, and all objects are rather neatly drawn and rendered with no aliasing or framerate issues. Om Nom is a rather adorable character, and so are the little spiders, even though they’re supposed to be menacing. The music track is catchy and nicely paced, and the sound effects fit in brilliantly.

Cut The Rope is one of those pieces of gaming awesomeness that absolutely demands your attention (and your dollar!) and gets you hooked into it with good quality, well-polished, well-balanced gameplay. Amongst the dense jungle of puzzle games available on the AppStore, this one is definitely a cut above the rest, and will keep you engaged and coming back for more for a good number of hours. And with more devilish goodness in the form of additional levels in future updates, it provides exceptional value for money.

There’s no question about it – if you own an iDevice, you owe it to yourself to invest in this game. Right now!

The Scorecard
Simple and elegant mechanics combined with good rope physics and some deliciously wicked level design makes for an extremely fun and engaging experience.
Colourful, vibrant, and smooth throughout. No lag whatsoever, in spite of the underlying physics. Animations are limited, but smooth.
Cute, lively background music is complemented by a variety of great sound effects.
A great number of progressively harder levels to beat, with more to come in the future via free updates ensures total bang for your buck.
Highly entertaining and addictive. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter what type of gamer you are.
A refreshing and unique puzzle experience, one that’ll rope you in and keep you engrossed for a good, long time.


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