Kojima Productions hiring for “Next Gen Metal Gear”

By on January 15, 2011

The studio is seeking “next-generation Metal Gear Solid series production staff”.

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While the next Metal Gear Solid game will be released for Nintendo’s new 3D handheld with the release of upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3DS. Adriasang reports that Konami’s Japanese website is the source of the new job listings. The page states that the company is seeking “next generation Metal Gear Solid series’ production staff”. The following wide swath of available positions was posted requesting planners, level designers, script programmers, artists, network specialists, concept art, 3D character/stage modeling, animators, effect’s artists and much more production positions.

The programming category of the job listing states that programmers should have experience with PC, PS3 or Xbox 360. However, graphic disciplines require “people who are interested in conducting research into next generation CG.”

It’s quite difficult to predict how the next generation of the series will look like, considering that Solid Snake “retired” in the previous Metal Gear Solid game Guns of Patriots. Hideo Kojima already tweeted about the studio’s next project back in October, while Metal Gear Rising will not be out until 2012.


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