Blog: PC vs Consoles?

By on January 11, 2011

You know what, who gives a flippin’ flip?

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First Impressions
My reaction is

As I and my friends lazied on a stained, rusty and worn out sofa in a restaurant of questionable quality in Deira, our conversation veered from filafel sandwich to plants to seed packs to asteroids to babies on asteroids (don’t ask), and eventually steered towards a topic that I could wrap my head around, and speak about without sounding like a douche bag in front of the public. We spoke about games and gaming which again veered through mindless and pointless discussion before it hit a grave that I much dreaded off.

“So Mufaa, which platform do you prefer to play games on?”

“The PC,” I said nonchalantly.

Yeaaah, I shouldn’t had replied. What ensued was a debate so old I am sure even my grandfather must had got tired of hearing about, and I am not even sure if gaming existed back then. The topic: PC or Consoles? And the arguments the same old: PC needs upgrading in six months, blah blah. PC gaming is dying due to piracy, blah blah. Consoles are cheap and is a no fuss system, blah blah.

This custom made image is as horrible as the argument.

To be frank, I don’t give a flippin’ donkey’s ass about which is a better platform to play games on, and honestly, neither should any of you. We may have our ‘preference’, as do i, but our preference does not automatically make it the better experience. I prefer to play games on the PC and Xbox 360 than the PS3 but I am not a fanboy. I proud myself of being neutral to the whole shebang, a quality so rare in most of us gamers, it’s truly surprising to know the extent at which both ‘sides’ will go to frown upon each other. It’s amusing, often hilarious, and always depressing.

You are missing the point guys! It’s not about which system is more powerful, it’s not about which system gives better visual fidelity, it’s not about which system looks more sleek, it’s not about which system has the most exclusives, and it’s certainly not about Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo and their often misleading and overly glossy adverts. It’s about games; only, truly, absolutely and completely about games.

Let’s not be dictated on which game we should play by the platform we own, rather let’s dictate which platform we should play on by the games we own. There are so many good games across both the platforms that you must have to be seriously loose in the head to pass up. Games like Heavy Rain, Killzone, Halo, Red Dead Redemption, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Uncharted are some of the games that are just too good to root your royalties on a platform even the owners of said platform don’t give a hoot about. So why bother?

We are the Spartans of the industry, we have the power to change. We speak with our dollars, the mightiest of wrath. Instead of fueling strategies to greedy corporates that divides us further from our original purpose, we should concentrate on forcing developers to re-think, to re-develop and to re-make the very structure of games every time they sit down to make one.

To repeat a phrase what a faux-great man once said, “And though we may pledge fan boy allegiances to different flags, deep down inside we all serve one master, one king and his name is Gaming! Forever may he reign!”

Forever may he reign.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • @Khaldood

    This blog post reminded me that I have a PS3 and a 360 in my room, next to my desktop.

    But damn, they're dusty

  • McD419

    Epic blog entry

  • Abdulla Fadhel

    If you have a super rig, PC gaming is definitely a much better experience than consoles in genre's such as FPS and RTS. However, this debate is pretty much retarded as you cant really take one sides favored's. There are some genres that just work better on consoles while others that are better on the PC. It all depends on you preference and how much you are actually willing to spend. Good read muff

  • Hambooz

    i know you all have prefrences, but to truly be dedicated to gaming i think u gotta have a super pc and a console, doesn’t metter which console u have, i have a ps3, but i have fun just as much when i play on the 360 or wii at my friends place.

    and don’t forget about portables, i care about my pspgo just as much as my ps3 and pc. Why should you stop gaming just cause you left home…

  • HughChardon

    I'm strictly a PC gamer, mostly FPS and racing titles. What irks me is that too many developers & publishers ignore we PC gamers, and just go for the fast money they can suck from console players selling console-only games. And worse, even for some PC + console games, they release free or paid downloadable content (DLC) and add-ons "exclusively" for the consoles. Bah!.

  • DeZtroyer

    Finally! someone who sees it as it is! Great article maite! And Amen to dat!

  • The RebeL

    the game is the most important thing to a gamer regardless of what platform its played on….. amazing article…

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