NCsoft’s Aion next Update details

By on January 10, 2011

Plenty of new content to further refine the MMO experience.

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Sean Neil of NCsoft has stated that Aion’s next v2.5 update will “further refine” the MMO experience of the game and NCsoft will always be listening to player’s suggestions.

“Our immediate reaction was to poll the players, find out what they wanted, and we put in place a change to that system at the end of last year,” he said. “And then we actively polled the players after that to ask them what they thought about the changes we were making.”

The following changes will be applied through an upcoming mini update soon; however, the major updates involving new mechanics and content will be out later this year in the form of v2.5.

Newer content will consist of two new instances, Araka, where players of both factions can cut off the supply lines of the Balaaur, a shared enemy: and Bootcamp, where in order to achieve “fame and fortune” players have to go through 10 challenging battles. The guild system, known Legion in Aion, will have a much-increased level cap and more titles for organization resolutions.  More storage space and allegiance cloaks to be made accessible as well. Players will have the ability to tell the mood of their pets, and identify new class skills and powers. Wider character creation choices and an interactive world map are planned.

New and lower level folks will be allowed to get help from those who achieved much higher level. To give higher levels an inducement to help their level-challenged colleagues, daily rewards and quests will be offered. The update should get players excited concerning the “Superior Graphics Engine” option, where players with high-end system specs will be able to crank up the graphics as high as possible.

“You can play along with your friends even if they’ve been playing the game for six months and you haven’t played at all,” said Neil. “We want to give them items. We want to give them coins. We want to give them a system that makes them want to be those big brothers and big sisters.”

While Neil did not specify a tangible release date, he promised that the update would be out in 2011.

Source: [Kotaku]


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